Doings in and around Streatley and Goring on Thames today with fellow rook fan, Miss Camilla ‘Millsworth’ Oates.  We viewed a disparate rookery of 29 nests just west of Goring station and a fantastic scattered assembage of >50 nests around Streatley cross roads.  Best of all, on the way home a cracker just east of Hampstead Norreys, and something utterly mindblowing near Baydon which I’ll post another day. 

Copy of Goring Sta rookery

Which 8 species of British bird would you take to a desert island  in lieu of utterly useless gramophone records?  The correct answers are 1) Blackbird, 2) Nightingale, 3) Rook – and this is why:

Copy of Goring Sta 2

Copy of Streatley High Street

Copy of Streatley Rooks 1


Copy of Rook

And if you’re still not convinced, beware of this:

Rooked car

Or worse, Miss Camilla Oates (4′ 8″) + Toby (6′ 4″):

Copy of Mil & Toby 29.3.13